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Many people don’t understand that benefits they are provided at work or from a union fall under a special area of law, and are not treated like normal contracts.

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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) covers two categories of benefits, including welfare benefits and pension benefits. Insurance and other benefits provided at work usually fall under this federal law. Long term disability insurance, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, health insurance, disability coverage, vision and dental insurance, long term care insurance, and many other benefits are all insurance policies that are considered welfare benefits.

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Regular insurance and court rules differ from ERISA rules. There are so many rules involved when you are appealing a case and taking it to court, when you’ve been denied any types of benefits under a plan or policy that was provided by your employer. This circumstance is different from ordinary insurance and contract disputes. ERISA cases have special rules. For example, the person applying for benefits must get all information and evidence for their case before the insurance company makes any final decision. If that doesn’t happen, that information and evidence will not be counted in court later on, if the claim is denied. Furthermore, the insurance companies or decision-maker usually gets the benefit of the doubt in court, when it comes to the rules in an ERISA case. It is crucial to know what information to submit, if you want to successfully obtain ERISA benefits.

You should consider consulting with Tennessee ERISA benefits lawyers who are experienced in ERISA, especially if you’ve applied and been denied ERISA benefits. Make sure to get the attorney involved as early as possible, so they can give you the best advice to move forward.

Companies, unions, and employers know all of the rules of ERISA, which makes it so complicated. You need lawyers on your side who know what rights you have under ERISA, and what the rules are.

ERISA can be a complicated area of the law. The insurance companies, employers, and unions know all the rules. You will need Tennessee ERISA benefits attorneys on your side who are familiar with all the rules, and know what rights you have.

For a more detailed explanation of what it means if ERISA applies to your claim, read Eric Buchanan’s article, “What Does It Mean if ERISA Applies to My Insurance Case?”.

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Our team at Eric Buchanan & Associates, PLLC is very familiar with ERISA’s rules, because we’ve handled many different ERISA cases. Eric Buchanan teaches other attorneys the ins and outs of ERISA, which enables our team to successfully litigate cases in court and appealed ERISA cases. In most ERISA benefit cases, our team can come alongside someone and help them appeal a case without charging them a dime for up-front fees.

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