We appreciate our clients and they appreciate us! See some of the things our clients have said about us below.


Our client, Ms. Cox, called Eric Buchanan & Associates when she needed help with her disability case. At the conclusion of that first contact, she felt that the firm was “very well versed on the data”, referring to specific topics in their conversation. She was initially concerned about whether or not she even had a case. Below are some other things Ms. Cox had to say about our staff and services.

She indicated that EBA was “great” in addressing the initial concern of did she even have a case.

Ms. Cox was especially impressed by Kaci Garrabrant and Hudson T. Ellis, saying about them what could possibly become an unofficial firm catchphrase “They are great, Let them handle it.”

When asked, our client said never stop “….helping people.”

Our client rated us EXCELLENT for the overall quality of our legal services.

In summary of her experience with Eric Buchanan & Associates, Ms. Cox writes, “They always kept me informed, which was nice.”

–A.Cox, Disability Client

Our client, J.C, called Eric Buchanan & Associates about her case. She was concerned about finding the right attorney. One who could help her to “remove this very heavy burden from me” and provide the following qualities:

  • Results
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Knowledge
  • Integrity
  • Advocacy

She indicated that Eric Buchanan & Associates was “perfect” at addressing her concerns and it was her that was trying to “keep pace” with the EBA team. Here is why she decided to choose our firm to represent her:

“From the first communication to the last, prior to choosing you, every person in your office was 1st rate. You zealously represented me. I was kept in the loop without having to ask! This is a first, and a far [more] superior service than I had currently received. Everyone and every issue was perfection! “Thanks” will never be enough!!”

We inquired as to who, in particular, in our organization impressed her. She related, “Everyone did, but Kaci Garrabrant worked with me – so very closely with me. She’s a superhero – I owe her a cape. She’s a 1st rate attorney and a 1st rate human being!”

When asked, Ms. C. said never stop “….listening with respect, understanding, and knowledge.” And relating to what we could do better, she replied, emphatically, “Not one thing! [You’re] truly at the top of the heap!”

Our client rated us EXCELLENT+ for the overall quality of our legal services and went on to say that if anyone asked her about Eric Buchanan & Associates, she would tell them, “Look no further! This is the best of the best!”

Finally, Ms. C. summarized her feelings about her engagement with Eric Buchanan & Associates with the following:

“Thank you for a more than pleasant experience. Easy – Stress-Free – Solid…!  I am absolutely open to speaking with any client that wishes.”

–J.C., Disability Client

Our client called Eric Buchanan & Associates at the advice of knowledgeable acquaintances. These acquaintances had exclusively mentioned Eric Buchanan & Associates and one of them had used the firm to handle their case. Mr. B. was initially declined by his disability insurance company and felt that his actual condition had been “very misrepresented”. Concerned about what was truly at stake, he reached out to our firm. Below are some of the things Mr. B. had to say about our staff and services.

He indicated that EBA addressed their concerns “well” and that at the time that he and his wife had an initial conference, that our team “explained the process in the beginning and continuously as we went along the appeal process.”

Mr. and Mrs. B. were particularly impressed by Audrey Dolmovich & Madeline Bilbra, saying they were “thorough, patient, and quick to respond.” They went on to say that, if asked about Eric Buchanan & Associates, they would say that EBA was “Very thorough: in essence, they rewrote the insurance case to reflect the true reality of my ability versus what was said by the insurance company or my capacity – working with both my wife & me, the insurance co, and my employee.”

When asked, Mr. B. said never stop “….Having a patient, hands-on touch in a stressful situation.”

Our client rated us EXCELLENT for the overall quality of our legal services and said, finally:

“If anyone was seeking my advice or feedback, I would definitely recommend the firm.”

–J.B., Disability Client

Our client’s wife, Mrs. B, called Eric Buchanan & Associates. After being initially concerned that it might be difficult to find an attorney that would take on a big insurance company like Cigna, she says, in part:

“[I] felt confident after speaking to them on the phone”.

She indicated that EBA was “very good” at addressing their concerns and that they “would recommend” Eric Buchanan & Associates’ services to others. She was particularly impressed by Madeline Bilra and Audry Domovich, saying that they were “both amazing”.

When asked, she said never stop “….taking the time to listen to your clients’ concerns and explaining lawyer talk in laymen’s terms.”

Our client rated us EXCELLENT for the overall quality of our legal services and went on to say:

“Thank you so much for your time. Your friendliness, patience, and explanations helped us during a very difficult time. We are still struggling with health issues, but you made it easier!! :-)”

–T.B., Wife of Client

Our client was referred to us by an attorney who practices Social Security Law to assist her with her Personal Disability Policy claim. She says, in part:

“Amazing” at addressing my concerns. “I would highly recommend ya’ll to anyone in need of an attorney.”

Never stop “…Communicating with the client even when there is no movement on the case.” This reflects on how the team at Eric Buchanan & Associates keeps in contact with their clients during all phases of their case.”

Our client rated us EXCELLENT for the overall quality of our legal services and went on to say:

“Every person I dealt with was very professional and attentive in what I needed.”

–Tia H., Client

Our client was referred to us by an attorney in Murfreesboro to file an appeal on their behalf to have disability benefits reinstated. They say, in part:

“..Always available to answer questions, and always professional and friendly. I would use you again. After [the] first conversation upon accepting my case, I knew I was in good hands.”

Never stop “…personal calls and taking time with clients. I NEVER once felt rushed on a call. We were completely satisfied.”

Our client rated us EXCELLENT for the overall quality of our legal services and went on to say:

“Madeline [EBA Team Member], I appreciate everything you did to keep me on track. Noah [EBA Team Member], thank you for always making time for us!”

–R.B., Client

“Should be 10 stars! Not the typical lawyer experience in any way. Every person we spoke with was just as kind and professional as the one before. They kept in touch with us; we never had to call them, they beat us to it! In the end, we didn’t need to proceed with our case, and they were just as kind and professional about closing everything.

I found them last-minute, online, right before we were giving up the fight. How blessed we felt to have their help. We didn’t have a lawyer on file. We do now! Hopefully, we’ll never need one, but if we do, or know someone who does, this is our first call.

Thank you so much for your help, Audrey and team!”

–KapeetavillePansion, Client

“After an unexpected diagnosis and subsequent death of a parent at a young age, the last thing you ever want to hear is that the life insurance benefits you’re counting on to pay medical bills and funeral costs will not be coming. I had the misfortune of receiving this news and being shut down at every turn when trying to pursue answers on my own. I was then fortunate enough to be referred to Buchanan and Associates. Mr. Buchanan listened patiently to all of the details of my trial and error approach and said he thought he could help. Within a week, he had already looked into my options and reached out to the insurance company on my behalf.

This particular company did not make anything easy, but Buchanan and Associates fought for me for years. I was given regular updates and asked to provide additional information only a few times throughout the process. They made a terrible situation the best it could possibly be, and ensured that the insurance was dealt with without my ever needing to speak with them or do anything at all. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for their competence and experience. The path was incredibly rocky and full of turns so outlandish you’d consider them fiction if you hadn’t seen it. Despite this, everything turned out better than I could have ever expected.

Consulting Buchanan and Associates is easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I strongly encourage anyone with an insurance-related case to seek their counsel.”

–Megan H., Client

“From the day I first called your office crying, to the last time we talked and I cried tears of relief, I had full confidence in your ability to help me. It was well worth every penny and I only wish I would have called you sooner. Once you accepted the (my) case, I felt a sense of relief. You spoon-fed manageable tasks and made me feel less overwhelmed. I’m still in shock that it’s over and can’t thank you enough!”

–D.M., Client

“This was a wonderful group of professionals to get to handle my claim and if I ever need any legal representation again, it will be using this establishment. Damon was the perfect choice for my paralegal and I couldn’t have been more pleased with his service as well as the whole team. From calling me back within just a short amount of time to answer my questions I had on my claim. Damon along with everyone at the office treated me with respect and were very hospitable when talking with me about my claim making sure all of my questions were answered. I will highly recommend using this establishment for all of your needs when it comes to needing legal counsel.”

–Ronald M., Client

“They addressed my needs, even the ones I had no clue I needed, they put me at ease. Ren was with me and talked with me through every step of the process. I would highly recommend them.”

–J.M., Client

“The Eric Buchanan Law Office handled my case in a timely and professional manner. I worked in the insurance industry for 35 years and dealt with many attorneys. I am extremely satisfied with the manner in which [my] case was handled and resolved.”

–Bruce O., Client

“I have spent the last 3 months in bed battling pain. Without your success with Illinois Mutual, my family would not have been able to enjoy the standard of living that I worked so hard for. Thank you.”

–J.T., Client

“I was having a difficult time getting my disability insurance carrier to even talk to me regarding my injures. Attorney Ellis was instrumental in helping me and giving me hope to get the disability insurance, that I paid for through my employer. He was very patient, complete, and kept me completely up to date with progress in my situation.

Highly recommend him at the firm of Buchanan and Associates. He was an asset to my situation, and was successful in helping me. Thank you for all you did!”

–C.D., Client

“I want to Thank you for the Great job you did. The firm was very polite, complete with all of my records and was always in contact with me over my disability.”

–Therese E., Client

Professional, Courteous, Knowledgeable.
“I knew they were the firm for me from the first phone call. The entire team is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and honest.”

–D. H., Client

“Attorney Ellis was extremely willing to assist me with a disability claim that was denied. He listened, was very competent and willing to assist me get the disability company review and reevaluate my situation. He was detailed, kept me well informed about the progress of my claim. He helped me with support, dedicated time, and knowledge. I feel he did an excellent job of representing me in a difficult situation in my life.

Thank you to Attorney Ellis, and his firm for all they did to help me.”

–A. B., Client

“He was so helpful and caring. Told me and helped me do exactly what was needed. Everyone is so caring. Treats you like a person not like dollar signs for them. Would Recommend – Highly.”

–Beverly E., Client

“Barbara was always very knowledgeable and explained procedures to me. She is kind and patient with her customers. Hudson Ellis explained everything to us before, during and after each event. They are great assets to their corporation.”

–Tina J., Client

“Ms. Barbara… The world would be a better place with people like her in it. She is a really nice lady. So supportive and caring concerned. She didn\’t mind me calling all the time and checking the status of my case. She was really concerned about my health when I was admitted into the hospital. She said to keep her informed on my condition. She has a lot of empathy for people. I will highly recommend Ms.Barbara. Thank You.”

–Terry B., Client

“We at Services Select are pleased to announce that Eric Buchanan and Associates have again received the Seal of Satisfaction certification mark and award for business excellence. Congratulations to the entire team!”

–Services Select

“Hudson is a great lawyer, very capable and knowledgeable. I was denied benefits and was referred to this group by one of my doctors. From the consultation to my hearing, he was very professional and explained each step of the process. I would recommend him to anyone.”

–Valeria, Client

“I knew they were the firm for me from the first phone call. The entire team is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and honest. Who could ask for more.”

–S. Simon

“Eric Buchanan and Associates were a blessing to me! All of the staff, from the secretary Barb to my legal rep Molina were awesome. They went up against great odds and won my case. I am so thankful. I cannot say enough nice things about Eric Buchanan and his staff. They made me feel at ease with constant communication and caring compassion. I highly recommend them.”

–Ramona O., Client

“Eric Buchanan & Associates were Outstanding. Mr. Buchanan achieved a financial settlement in my LTD case that my previous lawyer indicated was unachievable. Mr. Buchanan and his team went above and beyond my expectations in the areas of professionalism, compassion and client support. Mr. Buchanan restored my confidence that there is [a] lawyer actually who cared about my welfare versus just looking out for themselves, at my expense. If you need a lawyer, your first call should be to Mr. Buchanan.”

–Anonymous, Client

“Lawyers really get a hard rap. I’ve given them a hard time most of my life. But. You guys are the absolute best! You and Laurie, specifically, have saved me so much! I never would’ve been able to do without you this year, never mind, 4 years ago when you took my case. You made it happen so seamlessly and so stress-free(!) that I have never forgotten it. Anytime anyone has ever mentioned disability to me, I make sure they get your contact information. I make sure they hear my story. I will always do so.”

–Deanna W., Client

“Remarkable Representation! Compassionate, understanding, and remarkably prepared in understanding and presenting my situation to the institution that reviews and ultimately decides the outcome. His knowledge of all my past physical and emotional issues was nothing less than extraordinary. Hudson explained and clarified any and all questions and doubts that I had concerning the entire process, by the way, which had a favorable outcome. I highly recommend Hudson and the entire firm to anyone who needs advice and representation for their disability concerns. Great personality and willing to go the extra mile with help and advice.”

–Truett, Client

“Eric Buchanan and Associates were very professional, helpful, and courteous. [The firm] handled an LTD and SSDI case for me. Eric was very courteous, knowledgeable and upfront about the case. His team and staff were very professional in working on the case and Hudson Ellis always returned my calls promptly and kept me informed of the status. I really appreciated his efforts and that of the whole team in working on my case. The team has been very helpful with any ongoing needs or questions that I have and I really appreciated their efforts during a very difficult time. My experience with them has been excellent and I would easily recommend them based on my experience.”

–Jeff, Former Client

“Eric Buchanan and Associates recently handled a disability case for me. From my first meeting, I found Eric to be extremely knowledgeable, quite personable and down to earth. This also extended to every member of his staff that I interacted with (Barb, Molina, and Chandler). My phone calls and e-mails were always returned promptly. His Staff consistently kept me informed about any and all developments in my case. I couldn’t have picked a better law firm. My case was settled much quicker than I had expected and my award was substantially larger than I thought was even possible. I’m very thankful for all the hard work they did on my behalf. Eric Buchanan and Associates has my highest recommendation.”

–David G., Client

“I was discouraged and without hope. From the moment I spoke with the staff at the Buchanan law firm, I knew I had called upon the right people to help me. Nadia made me feel as though she cared about my case as much as I did! Melissa spoke to me with compassion and understanding! And when I arrived at their office, Barbara made me feel welcome, offered me a beverage, and made me feel like I was at home!!! My attorney, Chandler, took over two hours of his time to sit down with me as I expressed every emotion ranging from anger to sadness! He listened until it was time for him to speak. When he began speaking I knew in my spirit that I had come to the right place and God had raised up a group of warriors to fight an overwhelming battle that I could not fight for myself!!! Now it’s in their hands and I’m just waiting for the day when we all celebrate the victory that is to come!!!”

–Bobby W., Client

“This is one of the best teams around for SSA. I sought the help of two other SSA law offices before talking with Buchanan and Associates PPLC and in am so glad that the others did not accept. I was placed in the best hands dealing with the hard times and legal facts of SSA that anyone could ask for. If anyone needs true professionals to help in their time of need they need to forego all other calls to any other offices and call Eric Buchanan and Associates PPLC Eric, Scott, Cassey, Barbara and the whole teamwork for you to get you what you deserve in your time of need after dealing with all the SSA hoops and loops.

Great people and expert knowledge make up Erich Buchanan and Associates as a team. [I] would suggest any and all give them a call if you need the best hands dealing with SSA! They helped me, my father, my uncle, my uncle-in-law and many others through their years of knowledge. Great people and knowledge be on what anyone could imagine. Thank you for your time and thank you, Erich Buchanan and staff!”

–M. Sharp, Client

“After serving my country for 30 years in many hostile areas including Iraq and Afghanistan and returning with injuries the VA classified me as a 100% Total and Permanently Disabled Veteran. I never imagined my biggest battle would be back home first in the divorce court and then with my long term disability benefits. My experience with the law firm Eric Buchanan & Associates was nothing less than amazing. They made the experience much better than I had ever expected. Throughout the almost 20 month process they kept me well informed and ensured I understood everything starting with our agreement.

While most legal proceedings are by their nature not very enjoyable, throughout this period Scott Wilson and Damon Miller made it a refreshing and a positive experience considering the circumstances. I would highly recommend Eric Buchanan & Associates Law Firm to any individual that needs wise legal counsel as to their specific situation. They will be honest with you starting with an initial assessment as to the merits of your case. Again I owe a great deal of gratitude for Eric’s team. Thanks for all each [that] of you have done!”

–Brett H., Client

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Client Review

"They are great, Let them handle it..!"
A.C., Former Client

Client Review

"They addressed my needs, even the ones I had no clue I needed, they put me at ease... I would highly recommend them."
J.M, Former Client

Client Review

"I knew they were the firm for me from the first phone call. The entire team is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and honest."
D.H, Former Client