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Life Insurance Denial AttorneyLife insurance is a crucial financial safety net designed to provide financial security to loved ones in the event of a policyholder’s death. However, not all claims go smoothly, and policyholders may find themselves facing the distressing situation of a life insurance denial. When this occurs, seeking the assistance of a qualified life insurance denial attorney becomes essential to navigate the complex legal landscape and fight for the rightful benefits.

Common Reasons for Life Insurance Denials

Life insurance denials also arise for different reasons including technical mistakes in policy language to alleged misrepresentations. Some common reasons for denials include:

  • Misrepresentation: Should the insurance company claim that some of the information provided during the application process was either incomplete or misinforming they may deny it.
  • Contestability period issues: A contestability period is a typical provision in most life insurance policies, and usually it applies during the first two years after the policy becomes effective. During this period, the insurer can search and reject claims on account of material misrepresentations.
  • Policy lapse: When premiums are not paid, a policy lapse occurs, and benefits are denied. Yet, some situations may encompass special circumstances that a denial lawyer can argue in favor of the policyholder.
  • Exclusions and limitations: As some policies have specific exclusions or limitations, the insurance company will deny a claim when death arises from such causes.
  • Suicide clause: This occurs due to the presence of a suicide clause in many policies that leads to rejection if the insured person commits suicide within a stipulated time following policy initiation.

How A Life Insurance Denial Attorney Can Help

Policy Review and Analysis

Our life insurance denial attorney first goes over the policy and denial letter to understand why the claim was denied. They have the legal knowledge required to interpret complex policy language and spot any loopholes that might benefit the policyholder.

Gathering Evidence and Documentation

We will attempt to acquire all the necessary evidence in support of the claim. This could involve getting medical records, witness statements, or any other documentation that is capable of enhancing the claim and undermining the reason for rejection.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

We can negotiate with the insurance company in a huge majority of cases on behalf of policyholders. This can include, offering further evidence, addressing the concerns raised by the insurer, or finding a compromise that is suitable for both parties.

Filing a Lawsuit

In case of a failure, we know the applicable laws and regulations, which ensures us with a solid legal argument in court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In other cases, alternative mechanisms for settlement could be invoked such as arbitration and mediation in a quest to solve the conflict outside of court. We can help the policyholder navigate these procedures and advocate for an equitable outcome.

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Naturally, dealing with a life insurance denial is an unpleasant situation that policyholders should not face on their own. Our life insurance denial attorneys will play an important role in the process of challenging denials, negotiating with insurers to recover monies owed, and at worst pursuing lawsuits. In times of need, having a competent and seasoned representative by your side may be the difference between justice being done and injustice prevailing.

Matthews v. Sun Life Assurance Company

Cerebral hemorrhage, bleeding in the brain, stroke:

345 Fed. Appx. 161 (6th Cir. 2009) (Unpublished).

Our life insurance denial attorneys helped our client obtain life insurance benefits under a policy that allowed him to keep his life insurance if he was disabled when he stopped working. Our client became disabled due to a cerebral hemorrhage, or a stroke, that caused him to have to stop working.  After a few months, he tried to come back to work but was unable to ever really perform his job again, and he stopped working entirely after a few months.  His employer offered life insurance, that he could keep if he proved he was disabled when he stopped working.

When he first went off work, the employer provided life insurance under a Jefferson Pilot policy, but while he was off work the employer switched to a policy offered by Sun Life.  After he tried to work a few months and failed, he applied to keep his life insurance because he was disabled.  Jefferson Pilot denied the coverage saying that he had come back to work after their policy ended, and therefore did not remain “totally disabled.”  However, Sun Life also denied coverage saying that when he came back to work he never really was able to do the job, so he was not “actively at work” enough to be covered by their policy.

After we sued, the court ultimately held that because our client never really did return to work, he was not “gainfully employed” enough to not be “totally disabled.”  Unfortunately, by that time, he had passed away, but we were able to obtain the life insurance benefits for his widow through our success in this case.

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