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Individual Disability Insurance AttorneyLegal professionals, business owners, executives, and others, should be able to rely on getting their claims paid.  Unfortunately, disability insurance companies target these claims for denial in order to save money. You need the help of an experienced individual disability insurance attorney, like Eric Buchanan. His disability insurance team is dedicated to helping professionals fight for the long-term disability benefits they deserve.

Lawyers, doctors, accountants, and similar professionals often have disability insurance policies with helpful, protective provisions.  Unfortunately, because these policies are so helpful to disabled professionals, disability insurance companies often try to deny or reduce these claims by ignoring or misinterpreting terms in the policies.

Insurance companies also heavily scrutinize these claims, because these professionals have high wages and benefit amounts.

At Eric Buchanan & Associates, PLLC, we understand the unique demands and stresses that professionals face in their careers.  We know how difficult life can be when a professional suffers from a health problem that interferes with his or her ability to continue working.  Most importantly, we know how disability insurance policies work and how to best deal with disability insurance companies.  If necessary, we know how to fight in court to make an insurance company pay the benefits the person deserves.

We understand the challenges that come with filing disability insurance benefit claims, dealing with a claim denial, and challenging a benefit underpayment. We know that such cases require attention to detail and focus on key issues.  We understand that insurers have a financial incentive to deny your claim and will use any and every tool at its disposal to deny your claim. We know how to fight back and show the insurance company that there is no basis on which to deny your claim. Insurance companies have lawyers who use the ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) laws to their advantage. We can help protect you from having ERISA and other insurance laws used against you.

Have Your Disability Benefits Been Denied?

Insurance companies typically provide three main components–medical, vocational, and contractual–to their “explanations” for denying coverage that legal professionals should closely scrutinize with the assistance of an attorney with expertise in LTD insurance claims law.

  • They may say that the claimant is not “fully” disabled by the insurance company’s definition.

If the insurance company determines that the insured is only partially disabled based on the definition of “disabled” in the policy, meaning that the insured can still perform certain duties of his or her profession even while suffering with medical conditions, the claim can be denied.

  • They may find that a change of occupation results in the insured being “not” disabled in his or her occupation.

Did you try to keep working by transitioning to a job that better accommodates your disability?  Unfairly, the insurance company may use this against you. The insurance company may try to say that the job you took to accommodate your disability is your “job” for purposes of your disability claim and that you are not disabled since you were able to perform this modified job.  For this reason, you need an experienced attorney who can help protect your benefits and guide you throughout all phases of the claim process, including career transition.

  • They will try to claim that the claimant failed to cooperate with the investigation.

After filing a claim, companies conduct their investigation to determine if the claimant qualifies under its interpretation of “disabled.” During this time, they may request extensive documentation of your disability as well as financial statements, tax returns, etc. Failure to comply will result in the insurance company denying coverage and terminating the policy.

Usually, insurance companies are entitled to a lot of information about your disability, your earnings, and other information related to your claim.  However, insurance companies sometimes try to delay payment of a claim by asking for the same information over and over and claiming they never received the information.  Or, they may ask for certain financial records but then deny the claim saying you did not give them enough information, even though you sent all the requested documents.

If an insurance company is treating you this way, our individual disability insurance attorneys, can advise you on what the insurance company can actually request from you. If the insurance company’s request is improper, you may have right to deny their request, especially if they are asking for irrelevant information that you have already provided. With our help, you can be protected from the insurance company’s search for information they can use to wrongfully deny your claim or their stalling to avoid paying your benefits.

We also help our clients submit the information and evidence that will help win your case, even though the insurance company does not ask for it or tell you what will help.  Don’t rely on the insurance company to tell you what to do; hire an experienced disability insurance law firm that understands the rules to help you. 

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Our disability insurance team regularly fights for people just like you.  We understand the rules, how to best present a claim, what information will help you make a great appeal, and how to fight for your rights in court if your claim is denied altogether.

We are a dedicated team of individual disability insurance attorneys and will be happy to discuss any of these issues with you. For more information and assistance in collecting the full benefits from your insurance coverage, contact us today.

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