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Many people don’t understand that benefits they are provided at work or from a union fall under a special area of law, and are not treated like normal contracts.

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An agreement between a policyholder and the insurance company in a form of a contract is an insurance policy. The insurance company, in exchange for payments of premiums agrees to:

  • Think of the interests of its policyholders equal to their own interests
  • Offer the coverage as described in the policy
  • Treat policyholders with fairness and and in good faith

If you think you have been neglected by your insurer and that they have not been able to meet any of their legally binding commitments, please contact the Tennessee Bad Faith Insurance Claims Attorneys at Eric Buchanan & Associates. We have served the state of Tennessee for many years. Our insurance lawyers seek after protection from bad faith insurance for the benefit of the people and organizations that have been involved in coverage disputes. We look for reimbursement for our customers budgetary misfortunes, as well as unreasonable loss and attorney charges, when the case permits.

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It is important to learn the responsibilities of the Insurance Companies. They have different responsibilities of which depend on the type of claim they are and the industry such as health, property, or life. The insurance companies are supposed to have policies and procedures set to pay claims and be reviewed. After claims are investigated they can then determine coverage and pay out amounts. They are required to follow applicable regulations and laws.

You should consider consulting with Tennessee Bad Faith lawyers who are experienced in disability denials and insurance claims. Getting an attorney involved as early as possible is crucial to obtaining the best advice you possibly can.

If one or more of these are violated, they may be acting in bad faith. Tennessee bad faith insurance claims lawyers at Eric Buchanan understand these large insurance companies and can defend clients against these bad faith claims. Not only do our lawyers have extensive knowledge in the laws of bad faith performed by insurance companies, they have many successful cases dealing with them. They work all over Tennessee ensuring that insurers pay for claims and provide the treatments and services to the policyholders that deserve them..

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Our Law Firm Can Help with Your Bad Faith Insurance Claim in Tennessee

Regardless of the type of policy, our Tennessee Bad Faith Insurance Claims Attorneys are capable of ensuring positive outcomes when bad faith insurance claims take place. Some examples are as follows:

  • Policies on business liability
  • Policyholders that have been wrongfully accused of insurance fraud
  • Disability, health and life insurance policies that have a breach of contract
  • ERISA laws that cover group disability and health policies
  • Homeowner property and commercial property insurance claims, that include natural disaster insurance claims, fire loss claims, water damage claims and more.

When an insurance company acts in bad faith, they are actively stopping a clients claim without valid reason, not investigating or defending a claim to the best of their ability, nullifying payments of legitimate claims, or undervalue insurance claims without basis.

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There are denied claim amounts that are not the result of insurance bad faith. There are cases when an insurance company acts outside a reasonable manner, and they should be held liable, and when the case permits, sued for insurance bad faith.

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