Ren Orlic

Legal Assistant


Ren Orlic is a dedicated and compassionate legal assistant with a strong focus on understanding and supporting each client’s unique needs. Starting as a client assistant, Ren has risen through the ranks to become a proficient legal assistant within the firm. She possesses a comprehensive understanding of the claims process, from initial denials to ongoing cases. Ren prioritizes communication and trust, believing they are essential for fostering strong relationships with both clients and colleagues. Her youthful energy infuses positivity into both her professional and personal life, serving as a source of inspiration for her clients and her daughter.


Ren Orlic’s career in the legal field began as a client assistant, where she honed her skills in understanding and addressing the diverse needs of clients. Through dedication and hard work, she advanced to the role of legal assistant within the firm. Ren’s experience and expertise equip her with a deep understanding of the claims process, allowing her to provide comprehensive support to clients navigating legal challenges.

Hobbies & Interests:

Outside of her professional endeavors, Ren Orlic enjoys engaging in various hobbies and interests that enrich her life. Whether it’s pursuing outdoor activities, exploring new hobbies, or spending quality time with her daughter, Ren’s vibrant personality and attitude shines through in all aspects of her life.

Client Review

"Absolutely wonderful team! Highly professional and dedicated. Took my case when others didn't want to and won! Everyone who worked was me was very attentive. They made me feel like they really care and I felt highly supported during quite an uneasy time. Could not thank them enough. I highly recommend working with this attorney firm!"
Ira E., Former Client

Client Review

"They are great, Let them handle it..!"
A.C., Former Client

Client Review

"They addressed my needs, even the ones I had no clue I needed, they put me at ease... I would highly recommend them."
J.M, Former Client

Client Review

"I knew they were the firm for me from the first phone call. The entire team is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and honest."
D.H, Former Client