K. Molina Haynes

Office Manager

A committed member of Eric’s Disability Team since 2004, Molina has a natural instinct to help people in need, which motivates her to help our clients as they go through the process of obtaining disability benefits. Molina has over 22 years of experience in office administration and management in the disability field. With seven years of experience in prosthetics and twelve years in disability law, Molina is sensitive to the needs of our disabled clients. Her experience and knowledge assists her as she strives to improve our office procedures and our customer service to better meet the needs of our clients.

Molina spends a lot of time reading books and attending seminars to learn about different personality types, behavior and communication styles. She has found that these new skills have helped her to become a better manager, employee and overall individual. Molina is also big on positive and motivational messages to help keep her and the staff focused on having a life that is full of gratitude and joy.

mqdefault(Click photo for interview) Eric Buchanan and K. Molina Haynes appeared on WRCB 3 Plus You with Jed Mescon on Monday, December 16, 2013 to discuss the Power of I Am and how it is being used in the office. These skills have not only improved the staff’s customer service skills, it has greatly improved their teamwork, which ultimately benefits our clients in that they have a disability team working for them that is united with the technical and customer service skills to help them through the disability process.

mqdefault2(Click photo for interview) K. Molina Haynes appeared on WRCB 3 Plus You with Jed Mescon on Friday, January 31, 2014. There are times when we feel powerless but the truth is we always have the power over how we feel and the power to make a difference. Here are five of my favorites:

  • The Power of our Words
  • The Power of What We See
  • The Power of Association
  • The Power of our Playlist
  • The Power of our Thoughts

Thumbnail(Click photo for interview) K. Molina Haynes appeared on WRCB 3 Plus You with Jed Mescon on Tuesday, April 1, 2-14. Stop fooling yourself and check your perspective. Having a positive perspective can greatly improve your quality of life.

  • Power of what we seek
  • Power of our filing system
  • Power of our life recipes