No Matter Where You Live, The Disability Team at Eric Buchanan & Associates Can Help You Get the Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits You Deserve

Posted on March 31st, 2014

Clients need skilled and experienced representation when they become disabled and file a disability claim and the Disability Team at Eric Buchanan & Associates serve a nationwide clientele. Located centrally in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Eric Buchanan and his disability team know disabled people need money from the disability insurance company that is due to them. Disability insurance companies try to delay paying claims or refuse to pay those claims altogether, hoping that disabled people will give up on their claim.

Also, disability insurance cases are often controlled by complicated rules under ERISA that are different from those rules used in normal court cases.  Disability insurance companies know the rules, and often try to use those rules against disabled people who have filed claims.

Disabled people have enough to worry about in their life dealing with their medical conditions and the financial stress of no longer being able to work, and don’t have the time to learn the complicated rules that apply to ERISA long term disability cases.

The Disability Team at Eric Buchanan & Associates knows the rules under ERISA that apply to long term disability cases, and will work on your side to make sure that the disability insurance companies don’t use the rules against you.

One of the largest disability insurance companies in the United States, The Unum Group (formerly UnumProvident), made up of such companies as Provident, Unum Life, Paul Revere, and other companies, is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the Disability Team at Eric Buchanan & Associates has handled many claims against the Unum Group companies.  Also, because the Unum Group is headquartered near our office in Chattanooga, we can help disabled people from all over the country with claims against Unum.  We can also file court cases against Unum right here in Chattanooga.

The Disability Team at Eric Buchanan & Associates also works with local attorneys from all over the country to handle cases from anywhere in the United States.  We have handled claims in many different states against such companies as Hartford, MetLife, Aetna, Jefferson Pilot, The Standard, CIGNA (and their subsidiary, the Life Insurance Company of North America), and many others.

The staff at Eric Buchanan & Associates can help. Our team helps the disabled get the benefits they deserve by filing the first claim with complete information and proof of benefits deserved, which will lower the risk of the claim being rejected on a simple omission. Our staff also represents clients in their appeal after they’ve had their self-filed claim rejected. Because of the special rules that apply to ERISA long term disability cases, we understand how important the rules are when a claim is appealed to the insurance company, and strongly encourage disabled people to contact us before they file an appeal with the insurance company, so that we can help and ensure that appeal is done properly.  We understand the challenges the disabled face and the importance of getting the benefits they deserves. Give us a call. Let us help you.

Getting Legal Help

The disability experts at Eric Buchanan & Associates have 15 years of experience in disability insurance, ERISA long term disability and Social Security disability law. Give us a call today at 877-634-2506 or email us at to set up your appointment.