Long-term Disability Questions: What are the reasons that an insurance company denies a claim?

Posted on March 3rd, 2014

Insurance companies have many reasons to deny a claim, but the statements listed below are the most common. In future blogs, we at Eric Buchanan & Associates will explore each reason and provide a strategy to prevent your receiving a denial for any one of these:

• Your medical records do not support your disability;

• There is no objective evidence in support of total disability;

• We have spoken with your doctor and he or she agrees with us;

• Your claim is denied based on an erroneous definition of your occupation;

• Your physical limitations do not preclude you from performing the duties of your own


• Doctor “Smith” reviewed your records and says you are not disabled;

• You are not disabled from performing any occupation;

• Your disability is caused by a mental condition;

• You are no longer disabled.

A initial denial of long-term disability benefits is to be expected, and Eric Buchanan & Associates is committed to getting you the benefits you need and deserve. A denial is just the starting point of our work for you. Because courts only look at the information and evidence submitted to the insurance company before a final denial is made, it is crucial to contact an experienced long-term disability attorney in time to help you with the appeal.
Getting Legal Help

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