Employment Opportunities

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your recent resume and taking the time to express your interest in our firm. After reviewing your resume, we want to learn more about you. Because the applicant we choose will be a vital part of our legal team, we are committed to finding the right person for this position. The next part of our interview process involves taking a series of tests that will assist us in making this difficult decision. Please complete the following skills tests on attention to detail, filing, and grammar. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before beginning each test.  Each test has a time limit and will abruptly end when the time allowed has lapsed.

Since these tests are timed and only one link will be sent to you, please make sure that you access the tests from a device with a full screen and preferably with a keyboard so you can easily see the questions and type your answers.  Also, make sure you have a good internet connection.    Taking the tests on a phone or tablet without a keyboard is not recommended.

We also ask that you complete the personality test. We have found that having a balance of different personality types results in a stronger, more efficient, and more effective disability team.  Remember, there are no wrong answers.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete these tests and appreciate your patience while we carefully consider each applicant. We will notify you of our decision.

Test 1:    Skills Test: Attention to Detail

Test 2:   Skills Test: Filing

Test 3:   Skills Test: Grammar

Test 4:   Personality Test

Client Review

"Absolutely wonderful team! Highly professional and dedicated. Took my case when others didn't want to and won! Everyone who worked was me was very attentive. They made me feel like they really care and I felt highly supported during quite an uneasy time. Could not thank them enough. I highly recommend working with this attorney firm!"
Ira E., Former Client

Client Review

"They are great, Let them handle it..!"
A.C., Former Client

Client Review

"They addressed my needs, even the ones I had no clue I needed, they put me at ease... I would highly recommend them."
J.M, Former Client

Client Review

"I knew they were the firm for me from the first phone call. The entire team is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and honest."
D.H, Former Client