Firm Overview

If you have been denied benefits by an insurance company, you need to know that you are NOT in good hands, and the insurance company is NOT on your side.  Insurance companies know the law and have attorneys on their side, who will use the law to deny your claim! The dedicated social security disability lawyers and disability insurance attorneys at Eric Buchanan and Associates have helped thousands of people fight wrongful denials by insurance companies and the Social Security Administration.

Eric’s team of disability attorneys understand the laws associated with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), bad faith insurance law, contract law, and other areas of the law that will help you win your case but that the insurance company will use against you, if you are unrepresented.

ERISA Benefits

ERISA is supposed to protect employees’ rights to collect employee benefits, including long-term disability benefits.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

If you are covered by long-term disability insurance through your job or because you have purchased the coverage privately, you should be able to count on the benefits being there when you need them. Unfortunately, the insurance companies often seek to deny or diminish the benefits they will pay.

The disability insurance attorneys on Eric’s team fight vigorously for your rights when an insurance company tries to deny payment of the full long-term disability benefits to which you are entitled.

Social Security Benefits

Did you pay plenty of social security taxes all the years you were working, only to be denied Social Security benefits now that you are disabled? A highly qualified social security disability attorney at our firm stands ready to help you.

Two of our attorneys are certified as Social Security Disability Specialists by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.


Eric’s team of benefits and disability lawyers can help you as it has already done for thousands of other disabled people nationwide.

We can help with:

The disability team at Eric Buchanan & Associates, PLLC has successfully fought many insurance companies for the disability benefits our clients deserve. Some of the insurance carriers we have dealt with include: