Conferences and Topics

Eric L. Buchanan – Conferences and Topics from 2000-present

Eric Buchanan regularly teaches disability law to other attorneys. He regularly chairs conferences and speaks to both national and local audiences on disability insurance, ERISA, insurance law, and social security disability. Eric has been the program chair and repeated speaker for the American Association for Justice (AAJ), Social Security Section National Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and at the AAJ Annual Convention’s Disability Law program.

Eric has been a repeated speaker for the Tennessee Bar Association’s (TBA) Disability law conference, has been program chair and speaker for the Tennessee Association for Justice (TAJ) CLE’s on Social Security disability and on ERISA litigation. Eric has also spoken at the National Disability Law Conference held by the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) and at the American Conference Institute (ACI) Disability Law Conference, as well as local and regional CLE’s on social security, disability, insurance, and subrogation.

DatesOrganizationConfereceLocationTopic (s) 
2016, September 16thACILitigating Disability Insurance ClaimsBoston, MALitigating Strategies for Filing ERISA Case v. Filing Non ERISA Cases, Procedural Nuances in the Early Stages of Pleadings, Finding More Favorable Venues, and Transfer of Venue
2016, March 17-18AAJSocial Security Success! Seminar Las Vegas, NVManaging Your Firm s Social Security Disability Practice/ Ethical Considerations for marketing your SSD practice
2016, June 1st - 4thNOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceMiami Beach, FLERISA Long-Term Disability Claims for Social Security Practitioners - Part 1 and 2
2016, January 21-22ACILitigating Disability Insurance ClaimsPhiladelphiaDealing With SS Awards, Calculating Offsets and handling overpayments in Disability Cases
2015, May 6-9NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceArlington, VAERISA Long Term Disability for SS Practitioners
2015, January 22-23ACILitigating Disability Insurance ClaimsPhiladelphiaSpeaker - topic unknown
2014, July 26-30AAJ Annual Summer ConferenceBaltimorePanel: How to Train New Staff and Attorneys
2014, January 23-24ACILitigating Disability Insurance ClaimsNew York City, NYThe Latest on the Recovery of Attorneys Fees in the ERISA and Non-ERISA Context  Attorney s Fees: ERISA
2013, July 20-24AAJAnnual Summer ConferenceSan Francisco, CAWorkers Compensation Settlements: How they Impact LTD and SSD and Necessary Language
2013, January 24-25ACI Litigating Disability Insurance ClaimsNew York City, NYThe Latest on the Recovery of Attorneys Fees in the ERISA and Non-ERISA context
2013, January 18-19AAJAnnual Winter ConferenceNew Orleans, LAAdvanced Practitioners: Managing your Firm s Security Disability Practice/ Ethical Considerations: How to Regain the Competitive Advantage over Non Attorneys
2013, January 18-19AAJSocial Security Success! Seminar New Orleans, LABenefits Interplay: Offsets and eligibility for other benefits for clients who may be eligible for SS disability, LTD, Medicare, Medicaid, and other benefits
2013, December 2-3AAJSocial Security Success! Seminar Las Vegas, NVOffice Practice Procedures from Intake to Payment
2012, July 28-August 1AAJAnnual Summer ConferenceChicago, ILSocial Security Disability Offsets in ERISA Disability Cases
2012, July 13TAJ The Subrogation Medicare & Lien MinefieldNashville, TNHow to Tell if an Insurance Policy or Health Plan is Preempted by ERISA
2012, January 25-27ACILitigating Disability Insurance ClaimsNew York City, NYThe Details and Nuances of Drafting a Protective Order to Combat the Discovery of Proprietary and Confidential Information/ Innovative Pre-Trial Strategies for Disability Insurance Claims: Settlement, Mediation, Attorney s Fees and More
2012, February 21Bayside Fibromyalgia Women s Support GroupRegular Group MeetingHarrison, TNDisability  How to file and what to expect.
2012, February 15-18STLASouthern Trial Lawyers Annual ConventionNew Orleans, LADiscovery and Protective Orders in Disability Cases
2011, May 11-14NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceBaltimore, MDErisa LTD Claims for Beginners Part I & II
2011, May 5TBASocial Security SeminarNashville, TNAttorney s fees in Social Security Disability Cases
2011, July 9-13AAJAnnual Summer ConferenceNew YorkIs your Client s Insurance Claim Preempted by ERISA
2010, May 11-15NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceNew Orleans, LAERISA Long-Term Disability Claims: What Social Security Representatives Need to know/ Chronic Pain
2010, June 23- 25TAJ2010 Annual ConventionMurfreesboro, TNSpeaker - topic unknown
2010, June 11KTLAKentucky Trial Lawyers Annual ConferenceLouisville, KYWhat trial lawyers need to know about subrogation and offsets in Long-term
disability and Social Security
2010, January 26 Spinal Cord Injury Peer Support GroupRegular Group MeetingNashville, TNDisability  How to file and what to expect.
2010, January 20Chronic Pain & Depression Support GroupRegular Group MeetingKnoxville, TNDisability  How to file and what to expect.
2010, February 18Trigeminal Neuralgia Support GroupRegular Group MeetingKnoxville, TNDisability  How to file and what to expect.
2010, April 21-22TAJInsurance and Consumer Protection ConferenceNashville, TN How to tell if your client s Insurance Case is Preempted by ERISA/How to Tell if your Client s Health Insurance Policy is an ERISA Policy or Plan/ ERISA Plan Documents and Penalties/Other Offset and Issues regarding Coordination of Benefits that Trial Lawyers need to know.
2009, September 24-25 AAJSocial Security Success! Seminar Las Vegas, NVEthics and Fees: How to get Paid and Stay Out of Jail
2009, September 11 TAJERISA and subrogation claimsJohnson City, TNDealing with Health Insurance Companies' ERISA Subrogation Claims
2009, November 19 Memphis Bar AssociationERISA UpdateMemphis, TNNavigating the ERISA Mine Field
2009, May 13-16NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceWashington, DCHow to Ethically and Legally Charge a Fee in a SS case at the Administrative Level or in Court
2009, December 17TAJAnnual Ethics and Review SeminarChattanooga, TNERISA Subrogation
2009, December 11 TAJ Annual Ethics and Review SeminarNashville, TNERISA Subrogation
2009, December 11 TAJAnnual Ethics and Review SeminarJohnson City, TNERISA Subrogation
2009, April 1-2TBA Disability Law SeminarNashville, TNOverview of the SS disability claims process and Intro to SS practice
2008, Summer AAJAnnual Summer ConferenceMiami Beach, FLAAJ Fees (Basic) AAJ Fees (Advanced)
2008, September 12-13AAJSocial Security Success! Seminar Las Vegas, NVEthics and Fees/ Fees for court work
2008, November 13 TAJSocial Security Disability Practice & ProcedureNashville, TNFees in Social Security Cases
2008, June 11-12 ACILitigating Disability Insurance ClaimsBoston, MADiscovery In Disability Insurance Cases
2008, June 4-7 NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceMiami Beach, FLEAJA Fees in Social Security Cases: What Practitioners Need to Know
2008, April 9-11 TAJSpring Break SeminarDestin, FLThe Interplay of Social Security, Workers Compensation,
2007, March 8-9 TBADisability Benefits ForumNashville, TNFees in Social Security Cases
2007, FallNOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceOrlando, FLMandamus
2005, Winter AAJAnnual Winter ConferencePalm Springs, CAERISA
2005, November 16-19NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceOrlando, FloridaEAJA Fees: How to Make the Government Pay You and Your Client Back for Wrongfully Denying Benefits
2004, November 10-13NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferencePhiladelphia, PABeneftis Offset y Social Security and Offsets to Tittle II Benefits/Fees for Social Security Litigation: Obtaining Reasonable EAJA and 406 (b) Fees
2004, ?ACILitigating Disability Insurance ClaimsBoston, MADiscovery under ERISA
2003, Summer AAJAnnual Summer ConferenceAtlanta, GAAttorneys fees under ERISA
2002, October 30- Nov 2NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceSan Francisco, CAMadamus Actions
2001, SummerAAJAnnual Summer ConferenceTorontoEnhancing Fees in Fee Shifting Litigation
2001, April 25-28NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceWashington, DCLitigation Strategies in Federal Court
2000, Spring NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceOrlando, FLIssues concerning the availability of mandamus relief in cases related to the Social Security Act
2000, May 3-6NOSSCRSocial Security Disability Law ConferenceLake Buena Vista, FloridaThou Shalt Not Reap Lest You Sue, Mandamus under in SS cases.