Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits for Depression

Posted on August 9th, 2018

Depression can be a debilitating illness, characterized by sadness, hopelessness, despair, and inadequacy. Along with these emotions, a person can experience extreme fatigue preventing a person from holding down a meaningful job. The professionals at Eric Buchanan & Associates can help you get the disability benefits you deserve.

In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits based on a diagnosis of depression, a claimant should meet at least four of the following qualifications:

  • lack of interest or pleasure in activities you previously found enjoyable or participated in regularly
  • decreased energy
  • poor appetite or overeating
  • insomnia or sleeping too much
  • difficulty concentrating or thinking
  • lack of physical movement
  • feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • paranoia, delusions, or hallucinations, or
  • suicidal thoughts or ideation

Additionally, Social Security requires that your symptoms of depression cause you serious difficulty in:

  • activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning)
  • social functioning
  • focusing, or
  • repeated, extended periods of worsening symptoms

Sometimes, people who suffer from depression can meet all the medical requirements to be found disabled automatically under a part of the Social Security rules called “the listings,” although to meet those requirements, the medical records must be very detailed, and the treating physician must be very specific in his findings and opinion.  However, some people may still be found disabled who do not meet a listing, if their treating doctor is willing to provide an opinion that the person has limitations so bad that the person cannot do his own job or any other job; if the person can prove that, it is called a medical vocational allowance.

Getting Legal Help

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