Long-Term Disability Questions: Will an Insurance Company Send Someone to Watch Me?

Posted on August 9th, 2018

When you file a long-term disability claim, the insurance company will try to prove that you are able to work, because they often want to save money by denying claims. They are not “out to get you,” personally, but are looking for evidence they can use to deny your claim by showing that you are not disabled, at least to the extent that you claim.

At Eric Buchanan & Associates, we know that insurance companies may, in their efforts to disprove your claim for long-term disability, send out an investigator who will use surveillance techniques to try to catch you doing physical activities that you should not be able to perform if you are disabled.

Insurance companies often hire independent contractors to carry out the surveillance. Many of these investigators have caught people cutting the grass, painting the house, working in the garden, and playing with the kids in the yard. These contractors have also been known to follow people as they are out shopping at the mall, carrying heavy packages, and to/from doctor’s appointments.

One of the most common times the insurance company will order surveillance is when they insurance company has asked you to be examined by a doctor or physical therapist.  Since the company knows where you will be that day, they will often send someone to watch you that day, and often the day before and the day after.  Not only will they know where you are, but they also can compare your activities from those days to what you reported to their doctor that you could and could not do.

Should you notice anyone taking pictures or shooting video, you should report the activity immediately to Buchanan & Associates. Further, if you see someone acting suspiciously in your neighborhood, you may also consider calling the police, because you cannot know for sure whether it is an investigation or a criminal casing your neighborhood.  Also while your case is pending a resolution, you should be on your guard at all times in case someone is watching you and you do not know it.

Getting Legal Help

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