Long-Term Disability Claims: How Can an Experienced ERISA or Disability Attorney Help Me?

Posted on August 9th, 2018

Filing and appealing a long-term disability claim can be an extremely confusing and frustrating process. Many claims are denied outright and claimants, and even many attorneys, do not how to navigate the additional complexities of the appeals process. Some claimants simply give up thinking the process is too long and difficult for them to manage. Experienced long-term disability insurance lawyers, such as Eric Buchanan & Associates, can provide invaluable assistance at all stages of the claims process. We help people across the country, not just in Chattanooga, get the disability benefits they deserve.

A skilled long-term disability lawyer can help improve the chances of your claim being resolved favorably by:

  • Analyzing your situation and developing a strategy even before your claim is filed
  • Assisting you with filling out claim forms
  • Reviewing your medical records and recommending any additional doctor’s visits or medical tests that might make your claim stronger
  • Counseling you to avoid the pitfalls that insurance companies sometimes use to deny your benefits
  • Documenting the continuing eligibility of your condition
  • Filing an administrative disability appeal properly if your claim is denied
  • Understanding the complicated appeal rules that apply to long-term disability claims and protecting clients from the way insurance companies abuse the rules
  • Preparing evidence and obtaining expert witness testimony, including obtaining the opinions of treating doctors
  • Taking the case to court, if necessary

Getting Legal Help

The disability experts at Eric Buchanan & Associates have 15 years of experience in disability insurance, ERISA long term disability and Social Security disability law. Give us a call today at 877-634-2506 or email us at info@buchanandisability.com to set up your appointment.